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Drifting (2020) comes in three editions:

A3︎ Edition of 30 ︎ £70   
A2︎ Edition of 15 ︎ £110
A1︎ Edition of 10 ︎ £160

Captured on 35mm film, printed on premuim
CANSON® Bartha paper


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Drifting  2020 | 35mm film

This series plays with the mechanics of analogue photography, long exposure and a repetitive photographing of the same image. The technique causes images to fade, evolve and re-express themselves into falsehoods, ambiguity or nothingness. By questioning our trust in the truthfulness of photography, ‘Tautological’ presents the photo as a vehicle of false and fading memory.

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Works are Giclée prints, printed on premium
CANSON® Bartha paper (more on the printing process)

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Size Guide | Printing Process

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