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This series plays with the mechanics of analogue photography, long exposure and a repetitive photographing of the same image.

The technique causes images to fade, evolve and re-express themselves into falsehoods, ambiguity or nothingness.

By questioning our trust in the truthfulness of photography, ‘Tautological’ presents the photo as a vehicle of false and fading memory.

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Walking towards the monolithic chimneys of a disused power station, I fell in love with the sparse industrial forms of northern Barcelona. This inspired a number of trips to capture these sun drenched steel and concrete structures.


2016 - 2020

The Aloe series focuses on formalism in the world of nature. Coming from Britain, Spain’s dryer & more aggressive landscapes are alien compared to the lush natural world of England. Thus, the eye is permitted to notice the formal value of this novel terrain.

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2016 - 2020

The Meso series focuses on patterns of complexity found in our mesoscopic (everyday) view of the world. With the scale and subject in these photos unclear, foam dancing on water resembles cloud formations seen from space and bushes, microscopic hairs covering a mammals skin. They become decontextualised abstract textures for the imagination to play with.

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