The saying of the same thing twice over in
different words [or forms], generally considered
to be a fault of style.

 Ecstacy (2018)

Ecstacy (2018)

2014 - 2020
In Tautological all artworks are photos of images or photos of video. This series investigates the medium of photography as an imperfect tool for duplicating reality. The photograph removes context, sound and movement which, in addition to the camera’s mechanics: it’s blur, aperture and shutter speed etc. causes truth to be lost in the process.

Photos become mutations of the reality they archive and, through the continual recycling of the same
re-expresses itself into falsehoods, ambiguity or nothingness.

re-expresses itself into falsehoods, ambiguity or nothingness.

Like this, photography is akin to the process of painting, except that, unlike painting we put trust in photography for its accuracy. In an era of digital manipulation, staged photography and the addition of verbal deception to images, photography can masquerade as truth; something which reveals the same thing as the reality it captures. Often it is just a vehicle of false documentation.


All artworks are captured on 35mm film.

What Lies Beneath?            Missing Parts

                              What Lies Beneath? (2017)

  Missing Parts (2015)

Moreover, some works explore the experience of memory itself. The past, now, doesn't exist except as a form of mental time travel, resuscitation of a bygone image. The more we recall moments in life and the further we get from its source, the more memories fade into vague outlines and rewritten pasts. 
The image at source is lost forever, old friends, family, loves and events become outlines, no longer in the animated and detailed character of life. Perhaps nostalgia is not just a pain for happiness lost in time, it is also a pain in our inability to remember, with any definition, what that happiness was. Something lost and forgotten.

Drifting (2020)

Submerged (2020)

If memory betrays us, its importance should be diminished, the experience of here and now is always present, concrete, visible and imagined futures are images to be built, evolved & re-expressed, so that they come to life before your very eyes. Something missing and found.

Vaguely Disturbed (2020)

Lost Sights (2017)

Fading Away (2020)

Misplaced in Time (2019)

Anna (2014)